About the Zeitgeist-Info site

Initially created by Michael Kubler, the Zeitgeist-Info websites are an attempt to bring some order to the decentralised information chaos that currently exists within the movement.

This site is a web platform for displaying high quality, Zeitgeist Movement information, and to help communicate ideas, thoughts, plus research and information regarding the Zeitgeist Movement, science, humanity and the state of the world.

The site is actually a collection of different blogs focussing on different ZM related areas, all run by volunteers.

It is currently a work in progress and thus not an officially endorsed ZM project, however it aims to be.

The site mainly exists because many people find it hard to get good quality Zeitgeist Movement related information.
The chapter sites are great for keeping in contact with people in specific areas, and the zeitgeist media project is great for keeping our media files. Hopefully the Zeitgeist-Info.com websites can be an easy way for people to quickly find relevant, high quality information.


About the Zeitgeist Movement

The Zeitgeist Movement is not a political movement. It does not recognise nations, governments, races, religions, creeds or class. Our understandings conclude that these are false, outdated distinctions which are far from positive factors for true collective human growth and potential. Their basis is in power division and stratification, not unity and equality, which is our goal. While it is important to understand that everything in life is a natural progression, we must also acknowledge the reality that the human species has the ability to drastically slow and paralyse progress, through social structures which are out of date, dogmatic, and hence out of line with nature itself. The world you see today, full of war, corruption, elitism, pollution, poverty, epidemic disease, human rights abuses, inequality and crime is the result of this paralysis.


These are a listing of the main aims and guiding principles of the movement, plus the current evolutions required to achieve them. Note that this is not all encompassing and itself will need to change over time. e.g When we colonise new worlds we will need to make the solar system/galaxy/universe a better place for everyone.

Zeitgeist Movement Main Points
  • Primary Aim : To make the world a better place for everyone.
  • Aim : To reduce the cost of knowledge and resources almost to zero by making them free and abundant for everyone.
  • Aim : To reduce waste output almost to zero via renewable and sustainable living.
  • Aim : To reduce violence and stratification almost to zero whilst increasing unity and diversity.
  • Guiding Principle : Use the Scientific Method where appropriate to ensure the most effective and efficient use of resources.
  • Guiding Principle : Promotion of the abundant pursuit of knowledge, but ethical use of its applications.
  • Guiding Principle : Our understanding of the Universe is always changing and improving, so we should be continually changing for the better.
  • Evolution : Replace the current Money as Debt monetary system with a Resource Based Economy, to promote abundance instead of scarcity.
  • Evolution : Replace the linear Cradle to Grave system with a cyclical Cradle to Cradle system, promoting the use of sustainable and renewable resources.
  • Evolution : Changing peoples aspirations. Instead of aiming to be famous and wealthy, people should be aiming to further humanity, especially through science, education, and creativity

The movement recognizes and promotes the automation and replacement of outdated and demeaning jobs through the use of science and technology.

  • Aim – A goal or target to strive for.
  • Guiding Principle – A primary philosophy or guiding standard.
  • Evolution – A major progressive change, usually a change in the way things are done. This is generally required when incremental improvements aren’t enough and current systems are no longer in line with present day knowledge. I.e How we will achieve the goals.
  • Resources – This includes food, air, water, earth, goods, services, information, knowledge and skills. NB : Experience and skills will always be highly valued.
Creative Commons LicenseUnless specified the Zeitgeist-Info website content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
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