Decentralised Oraganisations (The Starfish and the Spider)

I thought this was a really interesting article on the differences between centralised and decentralised organisations.

Personally I think that The Zeitgeist Movement is decentralised. Sure Peter Joseph is the main leader but as everyone can be empowered with knowledge of the movement there’s other people that can take take over his role.
If you watch Zeitgeist related content and contribute to the Zeitgeist Movement, Media project, or other projects, then you yourself are a part of the movement.

Each chapter is somewhat independent but regular International Team Speak (VoIP) meetups, mailing lists and other forms of direct communication mean that we can be decentralised without being disorganised. Sites like and allow for centralised hubs of information.
We’ve already seen splinter cells form such as the RBEF. A group of people who were banned from the International Zeitgeist Movement website and went off to create their own group, the ‘Resource Based Economy Foundation’. This shows how cutting off a limb (or at least a group of people) can cause the movement to turn into an offshoot.

Whilst this might mean the movement becomes somewhat splintered, it also means that like the magic broomstick in Fantasia, it’s almost unstoppable.

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