Dr Robert Sapolsky’s lectures available on Archive.org

Whilst playing with the RSS feed listing page I found out via the Arizona state chapter that the amazing lectures by Dr Robert Sapolsky are available for free on Archive.org

Check out : http://www.archive.org/details/RobertSapolsky-BiologyAndHumanBehavior

For those not aware, the lectures are about the Neurobiology of Human behaviour and explain how the environment, genes, brain and hormones work to affect peoples environment. It explains everything from how individual neurons work through to how the brain creates small amounts of hormones which can have dramatic effects on people. How genes give people a propensity for a certain trait but most are only triggered under environmental conditions. It has a very important focus on aggression and explains how people can reduce violence by thinking of all of humanity as their family.

If you aren’t sure about human behaviour then these lectures are probably the best scientific explanation you’ll come across, and will be the best 24x30min lectures you’ll see in quite some time.

Dr Robert Sapolsky – Biology and Human Behaviour


  1. Biology and Behavior-An Introduction
  2. The Basic Cells of the Nervous System
  3. How Two Neurons Communicate
  4. Learning and Synaptic Plasticity
  5. The Dynamics of Interacting Neurons
  6. The Limbic System
  7. The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)
  8. The Regulation of Hormones by the Brain
  9. The Regulation of the Brain by Hormones
  10. The Evolution of Behavior
  11. The Evolution of Behavior-Some Examples
  12. Cooperation, Competition, and Neuroeconomics
  13. What Do Genes Do – Microevolution of Genes
  14. What Do Genes Do – Macroevolution of Genes
  15. Behavior Genetics
  16. Behavior Genetics and Prenatal Environment
  17. An Introduction to Ethology
  18. Neuroethology
  19. The Neurobiology of Aggression I
  20. The Neurobiology of Aggression II
  21. Hormones and Aggression
  22. Early Experience and Aggression
  23. Evolution, Aggression, and Cooperation
  24. Summary

The lectures were initially created for The Teaching Company, and are still available on their website.
For those not familiar, The Teaching Company contains some of the most amazing, in-depth university lectures available for purchase online or via DVD or audio book.

If you enjoyed the lectures, check out some of Dr Robert Sapolsky’s other online videos including :

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