Alternative News sources around the World (English)

This is a list of alternative news sources. It was compiled by Jacob Curtis and he initially released it on Facebook

It’s not complete, but there’s plenty here.

Why would you want to get your news from such sources? The majority of news outlets are owned by large corporations with very malicious political and financial agendas. Long story short, you can’t trust them to not to blatantly lie or at least spin their stories with some heavy bias. It’s really nothing short of propoganda, and brainwashing in the most extreme cases (it’s definitely the worst in the US). I have included a few mainstream sources in here, as it’s interesting to compare the way in which they present news with the alternative sources.

World news

Corporation Watch:




United Kingdom:

Science & Technology News



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    • Mark Lewis
    • September 12th, 2016

    I would suggest adding infowars to your list of website.

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