About Zeitgeist-Info

Started by Michael Kubler, the Zeitgeist-Info.com websites are an attempt to bring some order to the decentralised chaos.

Many people trying to get into the Zeitgeist Movement have found it to be very hard to get good quality, relevant information. There’s simply too much noise on the main forum, and whilst the chapter sites are great for keeping in contact with people in specific areas, it requires a lot of effort to keep the flow of information going.

I love the Zeitgeist Media Project, it’s is great for keeping our media files, and now with the Zeitgeist-Info.com web platform we can have an easy way for people to quickly find relevant, high quality information.

This site is broken down into various sections.

People new to the Zeitgeist Movement are encouraged to check out the Intro site for an explanation of the movement and for a general understanding. There’s also a great resources listing page to get you started.

One of the key aims of the Resource Based Economy is sustainability. For those who are interested in sustainable living, using renewable resources and promoting Cradle to Cradle instead of the current Cradle to Grave system then check out http://sustainable.zeitgeist-info.com/

In order to get out of our consumerist, profit driven ways we are going to need to change the culture. One way of awakening ourselves is by understanding how the media is shaping culture and suggest an alternative. http://mediawatch.zeitgeist-info.com/

Capitalist economics promotes the priority of profit above almost all else. Many times above personal ethics and morals. We need to change this, and can start the transition by getting companies and individuals to start balancing the profit motive with human wellbeing, the environment and social concern. It’s hard to justify child labour in China when you value human wellbeing well above the profits such a setup would bring. It’s also hard to justify using coal powerplants when the damage to the environment is far worse for humanity than the 2% higher profit margin it is worth the company. This new transitionary step is termed ‘For-Benefit‘, as people are working for the benefit of humanity, not just themselves. http://for-benefit.zeitgeist-info.com/

OK, if you’ve read this far then you are probably thinking this is all a bit heavy and too hard. We’ll it doesn’t have to be a hard slog, WE CAN SAVE THE WORLD AND MAKE IT FEEL LIKE A PARTY!! or, at least that’s the theory. http://funtheory.zeitgeist-info.com/

If we are going to change the fundamental methods of resource creation and distribution upon which nearly every industry and organisation is based, then it’s going to take a lot of work. This change to humanity is such a monumental event that it’s likely humanity hasn’t seen something like this since the change from hunter and gatherers to agriculture approximately 10,000 years ago.
To help with this change we need lots of projects. Unfortunately there hasn’t been much to help with the process of forming project ideas, fleshing them out, and finally turning them into proposals. That’s where the ZM project-ideas discussion mailing list can help. Come up with an idea, have a group of people give critical feedback, adjust the idea and re-iterate until you have a proposal that is worth submitting to the site and starting work on. http://projects.zeitgeist-info.com/

The Dick Smith Population Puzzle is an AU$1 Million Wilberforce Award given to an outstanding under 30yr old (preferably Australian?) who can provide a solution to the issue of Australia’s population doubling in the next 30yrs. http://populationpuzzle.zeitgeist-info.com/

Please note : This site is currently just a shell of it’s potential. We need a large number of volunteers and helpers who can make the above concepts a reality.

If you are interested in helping out or providing content please contact Michael Kubler.

Currently looking for :

  • Journalists, writers, editors, bloggers, and publishers. People who can actually write for the web.
  • Critical Thinking specialists (to ensure all content produced doesn’t have logical fallacies, etc..)
  • WordPress web designers (or any graphic designer).
  • Co-ordinator(s)… People to keep things organised and moving forward.
  • Contributors. That’s YOU! Come across an interesting post, news item or other information? Let us know.

Thank you.

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    • Toni
    • November 19th, 2010

    Thank you for offering a concise explanation. Hope it convinces more people that TZM is our best answer for a new improved world.

  1. Great Stuff 🙂

  2. I’ve been trying to persuade Peter to have an official blog for a while, I don’t think he realises the marketing potential of posts going viral etc. I hope you get the support to continue this site and make it official.

  3. Hey again, I’ve been looking around, and I see you have a lot of satellite sites. I understand your reasoning for this but in my experience, maintaining several wordpress installations is a big pain. An alternative could be to have one site with several parent categories. You can actually set up individual rss feeds for each category to separate the different “sub-sites”, just use http://zeitgeist-info.com/other/feed. Trust me, it will be easier in the long run.

    • Hi Stuart,
      It’s technically one install, but using WordPress 3’s multi-site functionality to allow multiple sub-domains. Although I have to admit, if I want to change something, like a spam setting or add Google Analytics tracking, then I have to make the change on 10 different sites, which can get a little annoying.
      The long term view was to allow more tailored approaches to each section. e.g the projects site or intro site could be very functionally different from the http://www.zeitgeist-info.com site, but at the moment there’s no too much difference.
      If a single page is a better idea, then I can grandfather the other sites and just concentrate on the main site, or maybe reduce it down to only 2 or 3. If the idea eventually explodes then we can expand into a couple more sites.

      The unfortunate thing is that because I’m working on creating a new online video platform, I don’t have the time to properly market and maintain this site, especially whilst I’m trying to run a ZM Chapter, and work two jobs. But I’ve come to realise that this will have to be a long term project that will grow organically over the years.
      There’s some features I’d like to eventually add which I think would be particularly interesting to some people, like the ability to select a bunch of articles and have them converted into an awesome looking PDF booklet, somewhat like Wikipedia does at the moment, but hopefully more stylish.

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