Welcome : Introduction to a Resource-Based Economy

The Zeitgeist-Info (shortened to ZInfo), website is a resource of useful Zeitgeist Movement related posts, aimed at existing Zeitgeist Movement members. It was created to inform ZM members of advanced concepts and useful news and information.

New to the Zeitgeist Movement or don’t even know what it is?

The term Zeitgeist refers to the intellectual, cultural and moral Spirit of the Times and we want to change that for the betterment of all humanity. Currently people define success by how much financial wealth, power, control or fame they have acquired.  However we want to change it so we value people by how much they’ve contributed to humanity and the environment.

Check out the TEDx talk below for a quick introduction, or watch Zeitgeist Moving Forward, the 2.5 hour documentary/movie.

An Introduction to a Resource-Based Economy [ TEDx – Peter Joseph ]

Once you have watched the TED talk or Zeitgeist Moving Forward then find and  join your local ZM chapter.
Don’t forget to come back here for the latest in ZM information and concepts.

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  1. It was a good movie.

  2. You ask “what are the immutable foundations of human health and prosperity” but I wonder why you think that such a thing exists. I do not believe that. Rather, I believe that at any place and time there exists a set of basic needs that we can afford to provide, and that this set grows with general prosperity and falls when resources are scarce.

  3. This is the only solution. Money is completely unecessary. What is needed is a network TV station. Ideas must be in front of the majority 24/7 for as long as it takes for saturation and an eventual tipping point. Internet is mainly populated by celebrity worship, games, porn and cat videos.

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