Zeitgeist the Movie is NOT The Zeitgeist Movement

Zeitgeist the Movie ≠ The Zeitgeist Movement

In short, the content of Zeitgeist The Movie is NOT what the Zeitgeist Movement is about. The Zeitgeist Movement is about creating a better future for all humanity. Currently the best way of doing that is through a Resource Based Economy as explained by The Venus Project.

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    • Kanoa
    • November 28th, 2010

    Good job on the video! It is important that mis-information doesn’t slow down the real purpose of the movement.

    I have a lot of respect for Peter and the information that he provided in both movies.

    I have to say that in regards to Zeitgeist the Movie it probably did more harm than good. I agree with most of Peters religious points in the Movie but I do not think his timing was right nor do I think it was presented tactfully. Peter didn’t hold anything back and because of that I believe he alienated a lot of people from even getting past the first part of the film. My experience with religion is that there is not a lot of room for questioning the rules and or the origination of a religion. It has put and continues to put people in a defensive mode because the theories Peter lays out go right to the heart of what they believe. They will not be able to see past that in order to hear the real message.

    I realize it was important for Peter to address the manipulation and hypocrisy that is put upon us but I think once again his timing was off and he blatantly attacked peoples core beliefs and because of that it gave opposing view the ability to re-frame the discussion and take it completely off of the message.

    The problem now is that no matter how hard you try to separate “the movie” and the “movement” you will have people that will skillfully use this one topic to close peoples mind from what the real movement is.

    Regardless of what my beliefs are or anyones chosen beliefs are we need to focus on what is going to move us forward and not let individual ideologies stop the evolution of the Venus Project.

    Currently “The Zeitgeist Movement” has some brand awareness both good and bad. A new name with the same intent might need to be considered in order to re-engage our religious friends our there. The goal isn’t the “Zeitgeist Movement” the goal is the “Venus Project”. What would be wrong with the same movement but with another name? “a rose is still a rose by any other name” and this time instead of attacking ideology we educate and allow people to come up with there own conclusions when present with factual information. It would be less aggressive and more inclusive.

    I feel Peter’s frustration and I want to scream and shout and point fingers at the bad guys just as bad as he does but that then allows them to win because we are now playing their game and they are better at it. They will drown the movement in mis-information and propaganda once they really start feeling threatened. It gives them to many tools to create a division and thats not what this is about.

    The question is now what? The proverbial “cat is out of the bag” and I really think it is going to be difficult to separate any of the Zeitgeist films or projects from the “movement” no matter how bad we might want to.

    We need to continue to create an awareness and provide as much factual information as possible and trust that with honest and factual information people will make good choices.

    I think your video was done well and I hope it opened some peoples minds. I just think the mountain that will need to be climbed to separate “the movie” from the movement is a tall one and might get us spending too much energy in the wrong direction trying to defend statements made in “the movie” rather than education on the concepts of the “Venus project”

    • Hi Kanoa,
      I didn’t make the video, I simply posted it.
      I have thought the same idea a couple of times. It is unfortunate that the critical thinking focus of the Zeitgeist was born of such an anti-religious sentiments given that the movement isn’t about peoples religious beliefs.
      The Zeitgeist Movement is about making the future a better place for all humanity. We want the same things that religious people want, but we understand that the money really is the root cause of most evils. Corruption, Greed, Unnecessary Violence, Competition, Environmental Destruction. These are side effects of our monetary based society.

      I should mention that the main difference between the Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project is that the Zeitgeist Movement wants the best for humanity. Currently, the Resource Based Economy concept, as espoused by the Venus Project is the best option for humanity.

    • Linda aka Mamma D
    • December 3rd, 2010

    Please correct if I’m mistaken here but I think Zeitgeist the Movie (1st one – which, when seen by Mr. Fresco) prompted him to send Peter his book “The Best That Money Can’t Buy” (or a DVD) and, as they say, “the rest is history” (history in the making NOW). So, maybe we could look at the original movie (an artistic expression which can be debated/argued ’til the cows come hom) as the bridge which brought the TZM/TVP together with ONE main aim (A Resource Based Economy). My dad use to say “life is like a wedding, you’re NEVER gonna please or appeal to everyone”
    The bottom line is the first movie sure did give many a SHOCK didn’t it? And maybe, just maybe, that’s exactly what was needed. As for myself (age 62, female, mom, grandmom & survival of Catholic School – thank u very much). I broke out of my shell at age 45 & have not looked back. It’s been a blast allowing myself to experience a little bit of all kinds of theories, philosophies, the ‘core’ of religious interpretations. SO MANY points of view & all speaking of UNITY. I had a BLAST watching the 1st & was blown away by Addendum & then to see The Venus Project, that was great ’cause NOWHERE was anyone speaking of solutions. I use to be one of the scardee cats of technology but now I see that ‘intention’ is everything. I can use a pencil to write a book or stab someone in the eye. When I heard some of the statistics (i.e “there’s enough resources/technology to feed, clothe & shelter 12.5 billion & then learning about 1927 and Tesla…it got my mojo workin’ like the passion we felt in the 60’s w/t whole anti-establishment thing. Well, this has certainly stoked that old fire & I wish some old ‘hippies’ wud come out o/t woodwork to support this movement. This CAN work
    Peace to all my little brothers & sisters and….”keep the Faith baby” 🙂 – Mamma D

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